Roundtable discussion

We as an innovative film festival are constantly thinking about those students who learn production design at their university, so this year we are going to make a separate event just for them, called Junior Profession Forum! The forum is going to be held on 17 October from 2PM.

The forum will be started with three university graduation works’ screenings. The first movie is called Halak a hálóban which was first shown to the public at Friss Hús Festival. The second one is Macskám, mint Szókratész which was selected as the best picture at one of the world's most prominent independent film festivals, the ÉCU in Paris. And the third movie is Vörös Rébék.

At the end of the screenings the production designers of the movies Botond Devich, Zora Pataki and Dominika Horváth will give an insight to the many problems, challenges and their idea of the future of production design. At the forum the audience can ask questions from the young designers.

After the moderated forum there will be a panel talk featuring industry professionals like László Gárdonyi production designer and university teacher, Géza M. Tóth director and university teacher and József Szurcsik graphical artist, department head, college associate professor and university teacher talking about the perspectives a production designer can have.

The students can start a conversation about how the school inspires them or what they think they learned or need to learn at their respective schools. Those who participate in the forum gather up their observations and make a conclusion about what students can achieve in the field of production design. There will also be a conversation about the newly graduated production designers and their possibilities in the incubator program.