Call for entries

With its more than 50-year long tradition, the film festival of Szolnok has been named after the world-famous Hungarian-born artist and Oscar-winning production designer, Alexandre Trauner in 2018 to salute to the work of production designers.

Our festival advertises submission in three categories. In the European Feature Film Section, the jury remunerates the production design of the films and production designers. Every other year we provide international competition for fine art films and films of university students.

Between 13-18 October 2020 we are looking forward to welcome production and costume designers, fine artists, filmmakers, film professionals and university students majoring in film studies, media and communication, fine art or production design. The festival welcomes its participants with a wide range of programs: film screenings, masterclasses held by international film masters, fine art exhibitions, round table discussions and concerts in the evening.

Entry deadline:
20 May 2020.

We expect film submissions in the following categories:

1. European feature film competition

In 2020 we invite submissions of long features made after 1 January 2018 in Europe or in European coproduction; where the production designer’s work is decisive in the making of the film. We intend to show 10 films by invitation or by submission in this competition category. The films are remunerated by an international jury; in the evaluation the following aspects will be taken into consideration: the story and the production design’s match, the coherence of the visual effects, the general impression of the applied visual technical elements (built sets, original locations, CGI). (The award goes to the production designer(s) of the awarded film).

2. Fine art film competition

In the category of fine art, we are looking for the introduction of works from January 1, 2018, which are intended to present (re) interpretation of fine works of art by means of film, and the life stages of one or more artists (art groups). In this category we accept films that reveal certain trends, periods and social contexts of fine art. Last but not least, we are waiting for movies that are made using some of the tools of fine arts (eg. experimental and animated films).

3. Competition of university students’ films

In this section we invite films made after 1 January 2018 of university students (under the age of 30) taking part in film, media or art studies. There is no restriction is genre however the maximum length of the films shall not be more than 25 minutes.

Call for entries