Awards 2020

Awards of the Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival

European Feature Film Competition

1. The Painted Bird – Production Designer: Jan Vlasák

The production designer of the movie astonishingly artistically and at the same time realistically presents the main themes of the film - brutality, inhumanity and the unjustified suffering of innocent people. The protagonist of the film acts through the series of moments experienced by a little boy. The vision of images and scenes authentically and naturalistically pictures the emotional world of drama. The masterful portrayal and the balance of the vision forges the work into unity with the message. The production designer thus leaves the privilege to the viewer to embody the emotions which he had composed into unity through visuality.

2. I Am Lying Now – Production Designer: Daria Dwornik

The visual world of the film has a very disciplined and tightly structured visuality. The production designer elevates the sight from reality, but stays on the edge of acceptability and makes good use of exaggerations which he minimalizes. The jury also highlighted the visual representation of the film’s humour, the demonstration of small and large proportions, which makes the moving picture interesting and dazzling. She uses a kind of theatrical effect system which she healthily applies and shamelessly integrates into the world of motion picture.

3. Servants – Production Designer and Director: Ivan Ostrochovsky

Elegant and precise compositions characterize the visual world of the film, with natural light effects and simple, clean camera movements, but effective shots. The director of the film, who is also responsible for the production design, portrays the materials and textures with exactly the discipline appropriate to the theme of the film. The compositions are whole and looking at details, the visual representation highlights the authentical content and helps to keep the story in the foreground.

Special award of the jury
Eden – Production Designer: Petra Vinnai

The movie choses theme from today’s real problems with special sensitivity and does it through elegant solutions. The power in the details creates a coherent, sterile world that is a common experience for all of us in the present.

Fine Art Animation Category

1. Last Supper – Director: Ferenc Rófusz

Despite the grim moments of time and history working together on the fragmentation of Leaonardo’s fresco along with the aggressive and inept people who has prevented the understanding of the mystery, the two-thousand-year old sacred secret event depicted by the mural comes to life in secret. According to the scary vision, it might fall into pieces, however, every tiny part of it fertilizes the world as star dust.

2. Matches – Director: Géza M. Tóth

The animation (charged by soul) is a wonderful example of bringing to life one of the world’s simplest, and smallest natural objects, matches. The storyteller little boy’s clean and honest soul can be easily associated with, and we can easily join to the creativity.

3. ReMake – Director: Béla Klingl

Clay, as one of the most ancient building materials for objects is just as usable for organic sculpturing, for example making animation, or for building bricks. Both offer an important opportunity in the view of the human culture. Perhaps the first weeps of a newborn do mean that it doesn’t want to be a brick in the beautiful cycle of life.

Fine Art Documentary Category

1. Meddle – Director: Gillian Darling

On the raster’s of the modern landscape’s tightly composed pictures recorded from the angle of the birds appears something from the remains of the inner order of the archaic world. Contemporary art considers the shreds of the ancient North-American culture as a capable nurturing source of today’s culture.

2. Péter Eötvös 75 – Director: András Surányi

The director completed a very difficult task condensing a contemporary musician’s extremely colorful and productive career into a movie in connection with an anniversary. If an artist during his/her life inspires a lot of professional juries, there are a lot of speakers, but it is not them who authenticate the artist according to the director’s attitude, but they are the ones raised up to the celebrated person. The audible musical extracts, however short they are, raise an interest in the audience towards the art of contemporary music.

3rd shared place
Manna – Director: János Gulyás

A mosaic-like, still captivating reminiscent movie about an, or rather the art historian, in whom there is a hidden poet, not only for art history, but for artists, too. The movie shares certainty that a passionate art historian, who is able to „fall upwards” can be an inspirational intellectual partner for the filmmaker as well as a medium towards the world.

3rd shared place
There is my own world – Fragments about the life and work of György Tóth – Director: Gyula Gulyás

The essence of a colorful career condensed into black and white, with professionally composed pictures and edits. The salute of the director in front of the art of photography: the images sometimes reminding of György Tóth’s photos present the best virtues of the art of cinematography.

Certificates of merit
I am involved in the world – Director: Sándor Mohi

A portrait made authentically and with faith about an artist living authentically and creating works with strong faith, which emanates the deep faith of the artist, who is a co-creator and the intermediary of the transcendence in eternity.

Certificates of merit
The Monster and the Artist – Director: Thibaut Bertrand

While it summons the exciting image sequences, the lightness and the environments filled with life of French feature films, we get to know the drama of an artifact’s story: the gigantic Moretti artifact resting under the tower blocks of La Défense, which is the conscience buried alive by the mercantile world.

Certificates of merit
New Faustian World – Director: Piero Passaro

Are the new manifestations of fine arts, still specified by the handicrafts, able to offer a desirable alternative to the world burdened by the abundance of new technical opportunities? The fractions of the works of the seventeen artists with different views and representing different nations strongly flash up their common denominator: they all are the new Fausts of today’s world.

Student Film Category

1. Look There! – Director: Zsolt Almási

A vertical road-movie, a ten-minute staircase-odyssey which could be a classic burlesque movie: the tiring stairclimbing of the father-son duo with the old family mirror to the new apartment in the attic is more like a heartbreaking family drama about a generation gap and a missed relationship – A newer realization on every level.

2. CLOSE2U – Director: Marek Głuszczak

Bittersweet online rendezvous between two generations: the distant realtionship between a tenant and the landlord transforms drastically after the twenty-year-old Franek realizes that his old landlord is one of the victims of a fake dating site, whose faceless contract workers keep lying to their customers eight hours a day. Two self-deceiving, liar love relationships rhyme to each other in this quiet melodrama woven with fine vibrations and precise psychological observations.

3rd shared place
Anja – Director: Benő Baranyi

A strong analysis of the especially actual social problem of everyday racism without the spectacular appearances: clean and shaded, speaking about the inhuman circumstances about the situation of rural Gypsies without impact hunting and arousal, at the same time, the movie relates a young doctor’s confrontation with this world with the tension of an excellent thriller.

3rd shared place
Opale – Directors: Marion Aknin, Basile Delille, Vincent Leclerc, Iliès Machou, Léopold Prengére

The imagery of this computer-made animation short movie is both charming and stunning and at the same time presenting an alternative ecological dystopia, where the flooded Paris is not only offering a dangerous adventure but it becomes the city of eternal love. A small, inspired tableaux, which combines the world of the classic French sci-fi comic books with the heartwarming romanticism of Amélie.

Special award of the Jury
November 1st – Director: Charlie Manton

Receives the graphic of jury member Tamás Futó

All of the tension of a feature film condensed into 24 minutes. We cannot consider a shocking event happened to a person to be a segregated situation: it can hang by a hair whether a person’s drama consumes everyone in his/her environment. The dark tones draw out the true events and the possible new drama even more plastically.

Special recognition of a student’s animation
Papa – Director: Fanni Bakos

A lyrical formulation of the world of the parent-child relationship filled with challenges, doubts, deficits and hopes. The picturesque backgrounds, the clarity of the graphical style, the fine vibrations of the lines as well as the sensitive music and sound help the audience move forward or backward to the junction with the help of the nice fades.

The award of the fine arts department of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
Dune – Director: Gábor Ulrich

How peccable is a line like a blade of grass, and how much power lies in thousands or millions of simple little lines. The viewer just hopes to get closer to the secrets hidden in the beauty, which he feels no one else besides him sees the point about. Could it be possible to display more tension with simpler graphic and animation tools?

Student Jury’s Prize
Good Morning – Director: Bartosz Kozera

The short movie Good Morning made by Bartosz Kozera chosen by the student’s jury is captivating, charming, and introduces the rigid world of the loneliness with a specially timed humor. We thought, that the pictorial manifestations of the feelings that we can see in this quarter hour draw attention emphatically to one of the biggest problem of our age. According to the student’s jury, this movie depicts marvelously the source and the results of the distancing between people, and that the smallest human gestures can have such a great impact on us in this kind of rigid period of life.