Production design conference

On the 17th of October, at 10 a.m. we are organizing a Flash Conference at the festival’s main venue, at Tisza Cinema. The conference is organized with the intention to form tradition, provide an insight into the secrets of production and costume design with the help of case studies related to the latest films.

In this year's program, three Hungarian professionals are invited to show their work and talk about what they managed to achieve from their original ideas and what challenges they faced during the creative process.

These workshops will be held by Adrienn Asztalos, the production designer of György Pálfi’s sci-fi movie His Master’s Voice, Klimó Péter who worked on the production design for Bence Miklauzic’ new movie called Nino’s Arc and Edit Szűcs, the costume designer of the Oscar-winning Son of Saul.

Adrienn Asztalos has worked as a production designer of several foreign feature films and commercials, including Pál Adrienn, in Treatment and Taxidermia.

As a visual artist, Péter Klimó focuses on stage and costume design and has been working as a production designer for movies since 1998. His works can be seen in films, commercials and in theaters. His name is associated with, for example, For Some Inexplicable Reason and Don Juan kopaszodik.

As a costume designer, Edit Szűcs is not only working in the independent theatrical sphere or classical theatres, but also in films as well. She regularly participates in separate or group exhibitions. She brought to life a number of "Costume-Fiction" theatrical performances within the framework of Természetes Vészek Kollektíva.

The Flash Conference deals with both theoretical and practical issues of the profession, with the aim of introducing the topic of production design in the context of the co-arts of the motion picture from as many points of view as possible. At the conference the questions asked by the audience will be answered by the three experts, as part of the program with a variety of topics.