Masterclass, Workshop

Since 2018 there are internationally well-known film professionals holding masterclasses at our film festival. In 2018 our star guest was Peter Greenaway, outstanding director of the British cinema, Allan Starski, production designer of the Oscar-winner film, Schildler's List and László Rajk, production designer of the Oscar-winner Son of Saul.

In 2019 Olivier Gerard French director held lecture to the audience. He has worked with some of the greatests of the industry such as Orson Welles, Louis Malle, Philippe de Broca, and Jacques Deray.

Furthermore the festival goers could join the masterclass of István Borbás - cameraman from Sweden - and László Gárdonyi - production designer. Borbás talked about those years he spent with Roy Andersson and Studio 24 between 1984-2014 and Gárdonyi gave ideas and discussed "How can we realise a complete movie in a clip?"

This year we are inviting well-known film professionals as well to hold masterclasses. Details are coming soon...

Masterclass holders