Prizes were announced, Emir Kusturica held a masterclass


On Saturday, October 15, the awards of the Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival were presented at the Szolnok Gallery in the presence of the filmmakers. The main prize of the festival, which competes for production designers and fine art films in an unique way, the award for best produtcion design was won by Hlynur Pálmason's Icelandic film Godland, the film's production designer was Frosti Fridriksson. The Swiss-Austrian-German drama Monte Verità took second place, the prize was given to the film's production designer, Katharina Wöppermann, the third prize went to the Polish-Czech-French drama Leave No Traces, the film's production designer was Pawel Jarzebski. The grand prize of the fine arts competition program was given to Cyril Nehmé's film: I Have Dreamed Carthage, which brings the opera singer's preparation, mental and physical trials into close proximity. The prize for the best student film was awarded to Péter Dóczé's Parental Guidance. Emir Kusturica was the main guest of the festival, who held a masterclass at the Tisza Cinema, then performed with his band The No Smoking Orchestra at the Aba-Novák Agóra.

Prizes were awarded, Emir Kusturica held a masterclass

The jury members of the European Feature Film competition program were the American production designer, Jeannine Oppewall, Oscar-winning Hungarian film director, Kristóf Deák and Balázs Béla-award winning cinematographer, Gábor Szabó.

Az The winner of the European Feature Film competition program is the Icelandic-Danish-French-Swedish drama Godland, whose production designer Frosti Fridriksson thanked the award in a video message. The jury appreciated the strict and harsh environment chosen by the visual designer, which affects the characters and pushes the story in an inexorable direction. In Hungary, the film will be distributed by Vertigo from December.

Godland - Director: Hlynur Pálmason - Production designer: Frosti Friðriksson

Second place went to the Swiss-Austrian-German drama Monte Verità for its restrained visual exploration of a woman seeking personal and artistic freedom in an early utopian community. Production designer Katharina Wöppermann received the award personally at the award ceremony.

The third prize went to the Polish-Czech-French film Leave No Traces for its completely unromanticized insight into the harsh environment of repression of a society in moral crisis. The production designer is Pawel Jarzebski. The film is distributed in Hungary by Mozinet.

The members of the jury of the festival's Fine Arts and Student Film competition program were: Béla Ternovszky, animation film director, Viktória Traub, animation director, and Eszter Csurka, visual artist.

The first prize of the Fine Arts competition program was awarded to the French Cyril Nehmé for his film I Have Dreamed Carthage, which brings an intimate closeness to the preparation, mental and physical trials of an opera singer during the portrayal of a coveted title role, a truly honest confession about the difficulties of an artistic career.

I Have Dreamed Carthage - Director: Cyril Nehmé

The winner of the second prize is Gyula Gulyás with his film A Living Man, a portrait film about Paulius Normantas, a Hungarian photographer of Lithuanian origin, who died before the completion of the film. The film is a confession of faith about the meaning of artistic work, about the persistent work undertaken by the artist who suffered many difficulties, privations and neglect throughout his life.

The third place went to Peter Pahor’s portrait film about the English painter, Edward Povey Emotional Realism.

A winner of the Student Films category is Péter Dóczé's film, Parental Guidance, in which the director uses fresh film language solutions, precise cinematography and sensitively built dramaturgy to present the panic that slowly builds up from small, but ever-increasing crumbs of tension. The initial passion between the divorced parents, the search for the wandering boy and the closure that does not bring resolution, is a psychologically exciting story about attention, tension and connection.

Parental guidence - Director: Péter Dóczé

Péter Bogyó's MOME diploma film - entitled The Pattern - received shared second place. In the story we get to know three protagonists who live in separate subjective worlds, but all three need the same yellow flower to achieve happiness. According to the jury's evaluation, a captivating and sensitive story unfolds in its characteristic graphic solutions.

Michael Bohnenstingl's film Slouch also took second place. In his film, the creator sensitively and vividly deals with a very topical issue: the paradoxical desire for independence and dependence on the threshold of adulthood.

The third prize in the student film competition program is Aglaja Filipovic's film: Together. With poetically composed images, in a story that is built up with suspicion, the creator tells about loneliness, about the bond that suddenly arises between two strangers thrown together.

This year, the Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award went to Gábor Csupó, co-founder of the world-famous Hollywood animation studio Klasky-Csupó, multi-awarded animation creator who also owns a Hollywood star.

The Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award went to Gábor Csupó

In five days, this year's festival was attended by nearly 200 university students participating in film courses, filmmakers from the United States, England, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, among others. In addition to the awarding of prizes, the festival was also prepared with several film professional programs, book presentations and exhibitions this year, where the work of production designers, visual arts and student films were in focus between October 11-16.

András Pataki, Deputy State Secretary for Arts and Community Education and Ferenc Szalay, Mayor of Szolnok have given their speech at the film festival. The prizes were offered by the Hungarian Academy of Arts and the National Film Institute. The main sponsor of the event is the National Film Institute. Other principal sponsors are the Hungarian Academy of Arts and the Ministry of Culture and Innovation.

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