Fine art jury

Béla Ternovszky

Béla Ternovszky From October 1961 to 1995 he was an employee of the Pannonia Film Studio, first as a draftsman, then as an animator in the Mézga series and since ’72, he’s known as a director. His first solo cartoon was made in 1970 with the title “Modern edzésmódszerek” (“Modern Training Methods”), with which he won numerous national and international festival awards. After that, he became a co-director in the production of television series (Mézga, Bubó, Gusztáv II-III). He took part in the works of János Vitéz, the first Hungarian feature drawing and feature film, while making his unique short films (Tartsunk Kutyát(Let's Keep a Dog), Mindennek van határa ( Everything Has a limit), etc.), which further increased the nuber of international awards of Hungarian animation. From 1979 he worked in international co-productions as a director (Pumuckl, Mecki series.)

In 1986, the first feature film, Macskafogó (Cat City), was screened, which was considered the best film of the year by Mokép based on public votes and ticket sales, and in 1987 Hungary nominated this film for an Oscar.

In 1995, he set up his own company with József Nepp, Romanian Kunz and some employees, named Studio II. Ltd. With the support of the foreign majority owner, a feature film, Egérút (Elude), was made here, and the drawing of a television series entitled Macskamesék (Cat Tales) began here too. After the dissolution of Studio II., he founded his own company called AnimArt Bt. and has been active as a retiree since 2003 (member of the Television Arbitration Committee of the National Film Institute and the Committee of the National Cultural Fund)

His film entitled Cat City 2. was screened in December 2007, winning a special jury award in 2008 in Changzhou, China. He also received the award for the most watched film at the 2009 Film Festival for this film.

In 1983, he received the Balázs Béla award.

In 1987 he became a Worthy Artist.

He has been a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts since 2015.

In 2022, he was awarded the Kossuth prize.

Eszter Csurka

Eszter Csurka Eszter Csurka graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) as communication designer artist attended the University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE), and has been working in various genres for years – painting, sculpture, performance and installation.

Her works can be found in Hungarian and also international public collections, museums and private collections.

Viktória Traub

Viktória Traub Viktória Traub is an animation film director who graduated from the animation department at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in 2008. During her university studies, she studied in Portugal with an Erasmus scholarship in 2006. She is currently a doctoral student at MOME’s multimedia art DLA program and an assistant professor at the Eszterházy Károly Catcholic University in Eger.

She has been working as an animation director, set designer and art director since 2008 and she is a regular participant at exhibitions with her moving paintings.

Her short animations Vastojás and Mermaids and Rhinos have been screened at many festivals around the world. In 2018 the Association of Hungarian Film Critics chose Mermaids and Rhinos as the Best Animation of the year.

She is currently working on her new film Cipők és paták.