Jury of Science Films

László Róbert Zsíros PhD

Science Communicator, edutainer

László Róbert Zsíros PhD Graduated as a horticultural engineer and a lawyer, he got his doctoral degree in life science studies. He started to deal with science education during his university years.-

He worked at the Csopa Science Center and in the Pavilhão do Conhecimentó in Lisbon. He is also present with his shows at national scientific festivals. He contributed to the making of many radio and tv shows, and he often provides his ideas for creative campaigns in which the goal is to present science and technology in an experience based way.

He helped in the creation of SCIndicator, a scientific-communication mentor program and also served as a leading mentor in it for 3 years. For years he has been a teacher of master courses of FameLab, an international scientific instructor competition.

13 years ago, he created the project called Szertár where he presented experimental videos on everyday objects having scientific curiosities. In the Szertár Podcast he has had talk shows with the best Hungarian scientists, professionals of education and technicians for 5 years.

His awards include Hevesi Endre-award, Pro Scientia Golden medal and Goldenblog-award.

László Ropolyi

Philosopher of Science

László Ropolyi László Ropolyi (1949) studied physics and philosophy at Eötvös Lorand University. He got his doctoral degree in biophysics, then a PhD in philosophy.

He taught philosophy subjects at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science for students majoring in natural science at ELTE for 40 years. He held around 30-40 types of courses concerning the topics of the history of philosophy, the history of science, the philosophy of sciences and the philosophy of nature, technology, the Internet and culture. During these lectures he tried presenting films and analyze films, especially in his courses of “Philosophy in Films” and “Science Fiction World Views”.

In his research he has investigated topics ranging from „real” scientific problems to the various aspects of the history of science and technology as well as philosophy. In the past 10-15 years he has focused on doing Internet philosophy research on „The complex nature of the Internet and its the usage and its effects on the human life”. He presents his findings at conferences, but he has also published around 100 articles and several books.

There were times when he ran film clubs at ELTE TTK and in one of the cinemas in Budapest.

Orsolya Láng

Animation Film Director

Orsolya Láng She was born in 1987, grew up in Transylvania. She studied graphics in the Art School in Targu Mures. She graduated from the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania in 2012 with a degree in Film Directing, and in 2017 she received her master's degree in Animation from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

Currently, she is a DLA doctoral student there. She won the Grand Prix at KAFF in 2019 with her graduation film Off Season.

She published four volumes: Tejszobor (“Milk Sculpture”) (prose, 2015), Bordaköz (“Intercostal'') (poems, 2016), Pályamatricák (“One-way Stickers”) (travelogues, 2020), Személyes okok ("Personal reasons") (poems, 2021). She also illustrates books.